Frequently Asked Questions - General

I wish to be licensed as both a security guard and a private investigator (dual licence). What is required of me?

As of April 15, 2010, anyone applying for a security guard and private investigator licence must take both the security guard and private investigator training courses, and pass both tests. If you already hold a dual licence on April 15, 2010, you will need to pass both tests. The deadline for passing the tests depends on your licence expiry date. Existing dual licensees will not be required to take either training course.



I have a criminal record. Can I still enrol in the training program and take the test?

Applicants must first meet the training and testing requirements before they can apply for a licence. However, completing training and testing is not a guarantee that a licence will be issued. All applicants are still subject to the “Clean Criminal Record” check that has been a requirement since August 23, 2007. Applicants are encouraged to review the Clean Criminal record Regulation under the “Acts and Regulations” section of our website for further details.


As long as I applied for a licence before April 15, 2010, am I exempt from taking basic training?

No. If you submitted your application shortly before April 15, the ministry could not guarantee that your licence would be issued by that date. Applications that were not processed by April 15 have been returned to the applicant. These applicants will have take basic training and pass the test before re-applying for a licence.


Who needs to comply with the Training and Testing Regulation? Are there any “ grandfather” clauses for existing licensees?

Compliance with the Training and Testing Regulation is mandatory for all security guards and private investigators.

The test is mandatory for all licensees. However, individuals who are already licensed on April 15, 2010 and whose licence expires on/before July 15, 2010 are not required to take the test in order to process their renewal. (See question 7 for more details.)

As of April 15, 2010, all new applicants must take a training course and pass the ministry’s test before applying for a security guard or private investigator licence. Both training and testing only need to be completed once in a person’s lifetime.


When did the Training and Testing Regulation come into force?

The regulation came into force on April 15, 2010.


Why is the ministry implementing a mandatory training and testing program for security guards and private investigators?

The Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005 (PSISA) came into force on August 23,2007 to enhance public safety and help professionalize the private security industry by ensuring that all security practitioners have the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to carry out their jobs.

In August 2007 the ministry implemented new requirements for licensing, equipment, uniforms and vehicles. Training and testing standards are the next step towards fulfilling the PSISA’s objectives. The PSISA lists the completion of prescribed training and testing as one of the mandatory licensing requirements.


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